Protein Waffle Sandwich
– Our signature protein waffle batter cooked until golden brown. With our high protein Greek yogurt sandwiched between. Topped with chopped almonds and bananas

Buffalo Chicken and Mashed Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes
– Pulled chicken breast tossed in buffalo sauce with a side of mashed sweet potatoes and sweet peas

Stuffed Peppers and Quinoa
– Seasoned lean ground turkey stuffed in a half pepper and topped with marinara sauce. Served with a side of quinoa.

Surf and Turf Tacos
– Sautéed shrimp, sirloin steak, and avocado with a hint of lime juice wrapped in a corn tortilla

Peanut butter protein spread
– Creamy peanut butter blended with protein powder with rice cakes for a solid night cap

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