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“Whether you’re looking for convenience, healthier eating, or a combination of both, My Mighty Meals is a great solution. You can work directly with the owner Kris on any of your needs, and the food tastes amazing! Helpful hint, order extra of the taco bowls, you won’t regret it!”

– Jim

“I am so glad my friend introduced me to Mighty Meals. The meals are healthy, delicious and a great value. I have tried a lot of different meal prep type services and Mighty Meals is probably my favorite. In addition, Kris the owner is nice and accommodating. You should contact Mighty Meals ASAP and place your order!”

– Linda

“Mighty meals has helped me greatly getting my diet under control. I was eating out so much out of convenience but in reality, this has been more convenient, inexpensive, and SO much healthier! Everything’s so tasty I forget I’m eating healthy. Kris will work with any diet restrictions or goals you have. I recommend Mighty Meals to anyone who has a busy schedule, is trying to eat healthier, or has a fitness goal!”

– Randi

“My Mighty Meals helps me stay on track of eating healthy with tasty meals that are in proper portions and easy to heat and serve. This is perfect for when my wife is traveling for work and I need something convenient. The customer service is fantastic and the service is always extremely reliable. Would recommend this company for anyone looking for healthy meals delivered.”

– Scott

“I have been ordering My Mighty Meals for at least two years now, maybe longer. The menu is always full of great selections, and the meals are very well balanced nutritionally and taste great to boost. I have had nothing but great experiences. Give Mighty Meals a try- you will not be disappointed.”

– Daniel

“I’ve been using mighty meals for almost 3 weeks now and don’t plan on going back ever! It has made my very busy life so much easier and the food is AMAZING! I highly recommend this if you want delicious, healthy meals made for you!”

– Kayla

“I’ve been ordering meals from My Mighty Meals off and on since 2015. They are flavorful, innovative, tasty and fun. Each week is never dull and filled with creative and unique meals. They are prepared with care and customer cost in mind. It is such a wonderful alternative to healthy and affordable meal prepping and planning, you could not find a better Chicago based business than the one Kris has created! My Mighty Meals is without a doubt worth every penny.”

– Kyle

“Outstanding experience with My Mighty Meals. The owner provides one on one coaching to help you meet your goals, whether it’s for body building, weight loss or eating healthy there is a meal plan for you! Reasonably priced including delivery. The rotating menu consists of breakfast and several options for lunch dinner and a treat! The meals are balanced and meet the appropriate macros for protein, carbs and fats. Definitely a solid meal plan!”

– Kim

“My Mighty Meals has been huge for me! I’m eating balanced meals 1-2/day and don’t have to worry about finding lunch everyday. The meals are great with a lot of variety! The local delivery has made it so easy to continue with this service.”

– Rudolf

“My mighty meals is a life saver. As someone with a very busy schedule but also who puts health and fitness as a top priority-it takes the giant stress of having healthy meals ready to go away. The selection of meals is always good, filling, and stays exciting. I couldn’t recommend this meal prep service enough!”

– Rae

If you’d like My Mighty Meals to help get you to where you want to be, then reach out and get started today!