My Mighty Meals is proud to assist these athletes in their fitness endeavors.  By providing well balanced, nutritious meals we are able to help competitors like these continue to grow and achieve new heights in their perspective sports.


Steve Johnson aka “Forsaken Warrior”

Steve joined MMM in October 2016 while preparing for the upcoming 2017 LA Fit Expo powerlifting meet.  Hovering around a lean and mean 285lbs (counting the beard!), Steve needs to get the most out of his nutrition to perform in the gym day in and day out.

As a local Chicago Powerlifter, Steve is flying up the rankings after totaling 2133 lbs at Bosses of Bosses 3 last year (804 squat, 501 bench, 826 deadlift) .  He has been featured in Power Magazine, a guest on Mark Bell’s Podcast, and Gear’d Up Podcast.

Follow him on Instagram @forsakenwarrior and Youtube @forsakenwarrior to see him deadlift 315 for 50 reps and other intense training clips!

Jose Mendieta 

Bodybuilder, Prep coach, Business man, and now Powerlifter…. Jose does it all! And needs well balanced, delicious meals to keep him going!  

As the owner and coach of Team Mendieta, he continues to bring top notch athletes to their peak physique. He practices what he preaches as he is a Faktrition athlete that has competed in bodybuilding at the national level.  

We are excited to help him with his progress and have him on board to promote My Mighty Meals. Follow him and his team on Instagram 
Yaa Boakye

Yaa Boakye is the owner of Eleventh Hour Fitness and My Mighty Meals Athlete. In addition, she is a nationally qualified bikini competitor, competition prep coach, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach and pursuing her masters in health communication. She has been training clients for over 7 years. She works with her clients to create sustainable food and workout habits. She host daily bootcamps at HiFi Fitness in River North. 

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